ICEE 2017

The 5th International Conference on Electrical Engineering
October 29th - 31th, 2017 - Boumerdes/Algeria


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Prof. Ahmed ELTOM



The under frequency load shedding (UFLS) mostly used in industry is a decentralized deterministic scheme designed to shed a pre-specified amount of load after a pre-determined time delay. It sheds the same amount of load from the same location irrespective of how fast the frequency drops and with no consideration to the disturbance location or dip in bus voltage. Recent studies focused on adaptive UFLS, but these studies are still based on software simulation. This study presents an implementation of a real time centralized adaptive UFLS scheme using industry grade hardware. It estimates the amount of load to be shed based on the rate of frequency decline and distributes the load to be shed among the load buses based on the voltage dip at these buses. The UFLS in this study is implemented using a real time digital simulator, Phasor Measurements Units (PMUs) embedded in the relays, a GPS clock and a synchrophasor vector processor (SVP). The load is modelled as a mixture of dynamic and static load. The implemented scheme restored the system frequency and voltage. The results emphasize its adaptability and suitability for implementation in industry.


Prof. Ahmed H. ELTOM, P.E.
Department Head and Professor
Electrical Engineering
Ph.D., 1985, Clarkson University

Ahmed ELTOM is a Distinguished Teaching Professor of Electrical Engineering. He is an expert in the areas of energy efficient systems, energy conservation, power system protection, advanced motor modeling, and fault analysis. He has been teaching power system analysis and protection for over 20 years. He developed an industry-grade relay laboratory. The laboratory is an educational and research tool for undergraduate and graduate students as well as a training facility for industry engineers. He is the author of Energy Efficient Motors Reference Guide (©1992) and he has published numerous articles in the areas of system protection, motor modeling, and energy conservation. Dr. Eltom was a Fulbright Scholar to State Qatar, a consultant for the African development bank, Tennessee Valley Authority, and the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Professorship at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He is a senior member of the IEEE, the former chair of the IEEE PES section in the greater Chattanooga area, and a registered professional engineer in the state of Tennessee.


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